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    Let's share info. on favourite shops, retreat locations, classes, quilt trips, etc.
  • 1 member led by KatieInKansas
    For anyone who lives in or has ties to the Central Midwestern US. Lets get to know each other, share our projects and share local events.
  • 15 members led by DeeEmm
    Have you got some kits, fabrics, sewing machines, anything QUILTY at all that is lying around without any chance of you ever putting it to good use? Here's your chance to let others know about it.
  • 2 members led by meadowfibers
    Have you ever wanted to tackle quilting a large quilt but you only have a domestic sewing machine? You can quilt it, block by block, on your sewing machine at home and then sew them together by rows and columns. You can quilt it as you piece or piece th...  more
  • 15 members led by Thimbles
    I look at lots of tools for quilting and sometimes they are fabulous and sometimes they are complete duds. I also hear about products, but I am reluctant to start selling them unless I know they are helpful. This forum would be perfect for quilters to s...  more
  • 15 members led by CobwebsFairyDust
    Do you like to do jigsaw puzzles? If so, watercolor (or impressionist) quilting could be just your bag. Are you a traditional quilter looking for a way to express your artistic side? I have read that this technique offers the best opportunity for artistic...  more
  • 21 members led by DeeEmm
    Sometimes we really could use outside opinions about where we are going with a project; a new take on things we would never see ourselves. This is a group where you can audition various fabrics, blocks or techniques.

    Merely post photos of your projec...  more
  • 13 members led by CobwebsFairyDust
    Quilt 2 Remember Q2R - is a project started by 2 shipmates to bring awareness to 2 organizations helping to support Homeless Veterans & bring awareness to those battling PTSD.
    It all came about over a cup of coffee - the discussion of how many wonderful ...  more
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    If you've got some tips or tricks, we want to know! They can be anything from chain piecing with a cat on your shoulder to what the best time of day is to take quilty photos. Just share the knowledge!
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    A place to share photos of quilts in museums around the world