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    A place to share photos of quilts in museums around the world
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    For displaying your barn quilt or barn quilts you have seen and loved. There is a barn quilt trail in Grey County and another in Prince Edward County ( Both are in Ontario, Canada and I know there are others all over North Americ...  more
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    Welcome. It is so great to see shipmates signing up who have an interest in machine embroidery & Applique. Not an enthusiast but thinking of purchasing a new machine or have just acquired one? This will be a great place to ask questions, see tips & hint...  more
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    We are longarmers. Quilts of all shapes and sizes come our way, and it is our responsibility to love them as if they were our own. It can be nerve-wracking but oh so rewarding once the job is done.
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    Sue Spargo. Really, that's all that needs to be said. If you love those gorgeous, whimsical creations where wool, felt, velvet and any manner of fabric meets embroidery, this is your place.

    Photo Credit: (borrowed from) Sue Spargo. Hoping she doesn't mind.
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    Pretty sure there isn't a quilter out there who doesn't admire beautiful hand embroidery. Some of us are masters at it. Others, like myself, are wannabes, but we keep on trying when time allows. You have a home here if your heart beats a little fas...  more
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    We are so happy to see new members joining us from around the world. Welcome to everyone from the United States, Australia, Guam, the UK and Canada. You will bring with you so many ideas for creations, and we'd all love to know what's trending in your...  more
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    This group is to post pictures of quilts that are quilted with your walking foot. It's also to ask how to questions or questions about machines. Pretty much anything goes with regards to WALKING FOOT QUILTING.
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    A group for those who love, appreciate, are interested in, and perhaps even collect vintage machines.