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    Those poor little orphans blocks. Not used in the quilt for which they were originally intended! Maybe they were made "just for fun," or worse yet, as some sort of experiment! Now, they have no home at all! They are orphan blocks. We are callin...  more
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    WE LOVE OUR SCRAPS!!! WE LOVE SCRAPPY QUILTS!!! We are quilters who know how to scrap with the best of them. We are SCRAP HAPPY!!! If you love scrappy quilts, you've got a home here!!! And PLEASE, SHOW US YOUR SCRAPS!!!
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    Do you want to hear all about the adventures of Ceecee, Bonnie, FranLawrie, Marjmiddot and the rest of her gang? I do!!! I would like to see pictures and hear about every second of their amazing journey through Michigan State quilt shops!!!
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    Have you made a quilt and you didn't know what to do with it? How about donating to charity. There are some wonderful organizations in your area that would appreciate the quilts. This first quilt was made by one of our captains during a monthly class a...  more
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    There are many wonderful & informative quilting blog sites available that abound with quilting tips, free patterns, tutorials and more. I invite you to share your favourites with your fellow ship mates.
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    Two very talented pattern writers based in Dauphin, Manitoba. Gorgeous, fresh and modern take on quilting, and get this! These ladies create several samples of their designs in various colourways for your viewing pleasure!!!!
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    The world's largest curling rock can be found at the Arborg-Bilfrost Curling Club.

    Manitoba is also home to one of the longest skating trails in the world.

    But did you know some of the world's best quilters and designers are from Manitoba? YES, THEY AR...  more
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    We're extreme scrap quilters; we make quilts using the selvages that other quilters just throw away. Selvage quilts are pieced on foundation fabric, they have batting, and they're machine washable and dry-able. So, what's not to love?

    Join up now and sho...  more
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    To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday!!! We are so lucky to live in the true north, strong and free.
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    Have you made a quilt in memory of a loved one or an event? Share photos of your memorial quilts in this virtual quilt show. Tell us about your quilt and loved one. Include the tags: "Quilters Remember" and "Memorial Quilt."

    Makers of Memorial Quilts an...  more