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Canada 150 Block

Project Information

  • Posted By: LadyD
  • Posted: May 2, 2017
  • Last Updated: October 3, 2018
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  • Category: Paper Piecing
  • Tags: #paper piecing #Canada 150 #Northcott Shimmer fabrics
  • Description: I decided to start with one block rather than a big project. The pattern is available for free (see below) from Dana Szucs Hayden. Note that there are 2 unlabeled pieces - one is just to the right of the stem and should be labelled WHITE and one is a little point in Section G and should be labelled purple. Instructions have a typo. The third line should say SEW E, F and G TOGETHER and THEN H.. If you make this, press the seams open to reduce bulk especially where I and J meet the top sections. My block has 2 bad points. If I do it again, I might play around with colours. My pink and light green do not work probably because they are the only 2 fabrics that are not from the Northcott Shimmers line. Made entirely from scraps and my white stash.
Pattern Information:
Pattern Name: Canadian 150 Year Birthday Logo

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