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Project Information

  • Posted By: LadyD
  • Posted: January 23
  • Last Updated: January 30
  • Comments: 3
  • Views: 47
  • Likes: 2
  • Category: Pieced
  • Tags: #machine quilted #Q2R #one seam flying geese
  • Description: Using more of the fabric donated by Threads That Bind, I started out to make a Dutchman's Puzzle but it morphed into this instead!. These are larger than normal flying geese made with the one seam; method learned from Ricky Tim so they are 3D. Quilted on my Janome 7700.
Pattern Information:
The pattern used for this project isn't available online

  • Ceecee
    Ceecee This is great!
    January 23 - 1 likes this
  • DeeEmm
    DeeEmm WOW! So generous and such a grand quilt, LadyD. Heartwarming to say the least. For some reason, the larger than normal flying geese are symbolic of those who perform tasks larger than life.
    January 24 - 1 likes this
  • CobwebsFairyDust
    CobwebsFairyDust Amazing Lady D. Agree with DeeEmm the larger flying geese are indeed a symbol of the magnitude of the quilts creator & the sacrifices of those for whom it will comfort
    January 24